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(PART 4) Which of these classes do you want me to start for the Fire element? 

12 deviants said Knight
11 deviants said Bazooker
7 deviants said Brawler
7 deviants said Ninja
6 deviants said Quickshot
5 deviants said Smasher
5 deviants said Bowslinger
5 deviants said Swashbuckler
4 deviants said Sentinel
4 deviants said Sorcerer
Knowing the fact that not all Doom Raiders are appearing in Skylanders Imaginators (at least not all will be playable, there might be some as NPCs). I am concerned that some of them are not given the best treatment like others. Some of them only appear once and they never show up again. I'll be enlisting all the Doom Raiders from least to most appreciated. I got a few rules though. Kaos is not included because he as appeared in every game (except 3Ds), Pain-yatta is included because there are somethings that made him almost like a doom raider (in the comics, he was going to be one but got kicked out as said in this picture:
Pain-Yatta Comic by Blackrhinoranger

He also has his own "Meet the Villains" video and he is the final boss in the Magic Realm in Battlecast.

Speaking of which, the only spin offs I'm going to include are BattleCast and SuperChargers Racing because they are important as well. Let's begin

G = Giants
TT = Trap Team
SC = SuperChargers
SC* = Appeared in SuperChargers as an NPC
SCR = SuperChargers Racing
BC = Battlecast
I = Imaginators

10. Luminous (TT)
The reason why he's the least appreciated is the because he only appears in an Adventure Pack and he's the only Doom Raider to not appear in the cutscene and as far as I can tell, he's has the shortest amount of screen time of all of them unless you count his disguise as Mags. You don't get to see him until you fight him. If he were a sensei, he could be a Knight while still having his projection beams.

9. Nightshade (TT)
He's a bit higher on the list because he had more sceentime than Luminous. He even appeared in a cutscene. However, just like Luminous, he only appears in an Adventure pack. Perhaps to have him playable again may result into more cheating with getting more game money. Some might say that whoever appears in an Adventure won't return because no one who owns an adventure pack has heard about them. Tell that to Cluck and Captain Dreadbeard. If he were a sensei, Ninja suits him a lot.

8. Dreamcatcher (TT, BC)
Now this is very understandable for why Dreamcatcher is not in Imaginators. She has no body, literally. Although she could be upgraded to have arms like Stratos the Tornado titan from Disney's Hercules. Then again, she doesn't look very pretty like the Skylander Boy and Girl said. Still if she were in Skylanders Imagiantors, she'd probably be a brawler.

7. Gulper (TT, SC*, SCR)
Why is Gulper not in Imaginators? Hell, why isn't he in Battlecast? Sure he is the weakest of the Doom Raiders and he was the first Doom Raider to be captured and he didn't have his own boss battle but he was still a doom raider nevertheless. What makes Chill Bill and Grave Clobber so special that they need to dethrone Gulper? Now I will say I do like the Grave Clobber. He is probably one of the strongest villains Trap Team has to offer next to Cuckoo Clocker. But how he is a Water element instead of an Undead, Earth or Dark remains a mystery (although there is the word "Watery Grave". Maybe we should have called him the "Watery Grave Clobber"). As for Chill Bill, despite his unique personality and catchy theme song, he is my most hated playable villain ever. His moves are clunky, weak and useless. I can see why Zap got a series 2 (primarily because a young Skylander Fan passed away and they made something to dedicate him) instead of Wham Shell but why did Chill Bill have to be the final boss of the Water Realm in Battlecast? Maybe being a Swashbuckler (BTW has anyone noticed that none of the Swashbucklers are water elemental despite that name often being address to certain pirates like Wash Buckler?) would go well for Gulper.

6. Chef Pepper Jack (TT, SC, SCR, BC)
How does Tae Kwon Crow fit for being a Fire element? Perhaps if he was renamed as "Fry Kwon Crow", it would have worked better. I can see how Hood Sickle fits for being a Dark but Tae Kwon Crow's element just baffles me. Anyways, I will say I do enjoy playing as the fire villains (even if Smoke Scream does have one unnecessary move). Chef Pepper Jack would have been a great Bazooker. Perhaps Darin De Paul could no longer reprise his role as Chef Pepper Jack as he used it up on Gill Grunt as an NPC.

And those are the most unappreciated Doom Raiders. Now for the ones that got a better treatment and do in fact appear in Imaginators.

5. Dr. Krankcase (TT, SC*, SCR, BC, I)
I wonder what made Dr Krankcase so popular among fans? Was it his silly hat (which reminds me of works by Dr. Seuss) or was it his silly moves like his Goo Gun and spinning legs. There's also been a fan speculation about his relationship with the Swap Forcer, Spy Rise. The mystery whether or not Dr. Krankcase is Spy Rise's dad still remains.

4. Painyatta (TT, SC*, SCR, BC, I)
Now like I said earlier, Pain-Yatta is on the list because kinda treated like a Doom Raider. He has his own Meet the Villains video, he has a last boss battle in the Magic Realm in Battlecast and in the comics, he did want to join the Doom Raiders but he was kicked out. Why is he higher than Dr Krankcase? Well, he has two vehicles. In SuperChargers, he is an NPC with a Land vehicle but in SuperChargers Racing, he's playable but has a Sky vehicle instead. That's why he gets a better treatment than Krankcase.

3. Wolfgang (TT, SC, SCR, BC, I)

Honestly, there's not much to talk about him. He's just an awesome character. I loved playing as him so much in Trap Team and I think it's alright for him to come back. Moving on.

2. Golden Queen (TT, SC, SCR, BC, I)
Despite appearing as equally as Wolfgang, the reason why she's higher than Wolfgang is because he gets to appear in the starter pack of Skylanders Imaginators. Wolfgang only gets to be in the Dark Edition Starter pack but also have a Single pack. But why is Golden Queen not higher on the list despite having a title which makes you higher than others? Well...

1. Chompy Mage (G, TT, SC, SCR, BC, I)
The only Doom Raider to first appear in Giants. He probably gets the best treatment because Skylanders Cheif of Staff, Alex Ness probably gives him the best treatment. After all, he did dress up as the Chompy Mage in these two videos:

That's why the Chompy Mage has been appearing in more games rapidly than other Doom Raiders. However, if all Doom Raiders were in Imaginators, Chompy Mage would be a Sentinel instead of Bazooker.

And those were the least to most appreciated Doom Raiders in the Skylanders series. Who did you like the most and least and who did you think was or wasn't a sensei. Let me know in the comments.


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