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Okay, it's time for a serious talk. I had problems with doing requests ever since I had a ton of real life issues and some computer issues. How do you want me to explain this? 

11 deviants said Just keep it to yourself, BRR. You don't have to do requests if you don't want to
6 deviants said Make a Vlog explaining why I'm having a hard time taking requests
5 deviants said Make an animation about the Skylanders having the requests piling up on their front door
5 deviants said Make an animation about a crazy Skylander fan hammering his request to the Skylanders
4 deviants said Make an animation about Spyro getting requests on his email
3 deviants said Make an animation about Trigger Happy impersonating a drill sergeant (not the robot) about me dealing with requests
3 deviants said Make an animation with Spyro having my regular voice talking about why BRR is having request problems
1 deviant said Other ways to explain about my issue with requests (this one you can request)
No deviants said Make an animated music video about me when I'm getting requests
No deviants said Make a message video about me with requests
On Youtube, a lot of people love to give out requests for songs for my Skylanders with Different songs videos. However, I will say, I do have a few restrictions when I make my Skylanders with different songs videos. Keep in mind, these rules do not have to be obeyed, you don't have to follow these rules if you don't want to when either requesting or making your own different songs video. These rules act more like a guide of comfort when I do these videos. With that being said, these are my Skylanders with Different songs rules I TRY to follow if not TOTALLY follow. Again, they are not super restricted, I can break them anytime I want to and you can too. Keep in mind, i'll be mentioning a lot of Weird Al Yankovic in this journal.

1. Don't use songs that have nothing to do with the Character's Name, Appearance and Gameplay. Biography, Accents and Catchphrases do not count except for villains.
When people request for songs for the Skylanders, they tend to go for what relates with their catchphrases, biography and accents. It's like You're Beautiful by James Blunt fits for Whirlwind because it mentions about her beauty in her biography, any Bob Marley song fits for Zook because of his Jamaican accent. Normally that's not a bad thing except for one problem: Not everyone knows the Skylanders' biography, catchphrases and/or accents. Those elements have to be explored in order to make sense. When it comes to appearance, name and gameplay, it automatically makes sense because you get to see how the song fits. Let's find three songs that each fit for those elements for Wildfire. The song that shares his name by John Mayer fits for him because of the name, The Lion Sleeps Tonight by either the Tokens, Timon and Pumbaa, etc. fits for Wildfire because he appears to be a lion. The Fire Breathes by Skillet fits for Wildfire because in his gameplay, he breathes fire. Let's find a song that fits of all three of the elements of another skylander. Ride the Rhino by Rhino Bucket fits for Fryno because Fryno is a rhino by name and appearance (he does look like Rhino from Marvel) and he evil RIDES a motorbike in his gameplay. The biography thing might work with some of the villains (primarily Kaos) because much of it is shown within the game (story scrolls, cutscnes, etc.) If you play the Skylanders games a lot, it proves how pitiful Kaos is which is why I decided to use You're Pitiful by Weird Al Yankovic for him (if you're still not too sure how it fits, watch this video:

2. Don't repeat songs already used (Except if it's on a different playlist)
When you repeat songs on a different video but on the same playlist, it shows that you have not researched hard enough to find another song for that Skylander and it does become a little bit jarring. But if that video was on a different playlist, it's a passing grade because some people tend to go for one playlist more than the other. I made various different songs playlists (Skylanders, Skylanders Swaps, Disney Infinity, Amiibo, etc.) and there is at least one song I have used for each of thoese playlist. I can also make a playlist for the Hats, Trinkets and SuperCharger vehicle mods and reuse as many songs as I can for them too. But on the same playlist, one you used that song, don't use it again or there will be a sign of laziness. Sometimes, it's hard decided which Skylanders fits for that song especially if you have to choose one of the two Skylanders that one song fits for them. Take Spyro and Fryno for instance. I have a song that fits for them because of their charging and fire abilities, Headstrong by Ashley Tisdale (BTW did you know that
Ashley Tisdale be voicing Stealth Elf in the Skylanders Academy show?) but which one to choose? The same goes with Eat it by Weird Al Yankovic for Wrecking Ball and Slobber Tooth. If you choose wisely, there might be a lot more options for the one you didn't choose.

3. Don't use anything explicit (unless censorship is added in)
For crying out loud, this is a kids game! To have kids listening to explicit music will probably have them grounded if they ever snoop on any different songs videos! This is the primary reason why I never want to use Iggy Azalea or too much Nicki Minaj. I'm also not into swearing that much except when it's done for comedy like South Park and the Nostalgia Critic or when someone is really angry like :iconmrenter: but not ghetto talk, it grates on sensitive people's ears, primarily most Malaysia and my mother (I don't mind reading it however but listening to it is the problem). But there are two ways I can use a song that contains swearing, I either find a long lyric that doesn't have any swearing (at least 15 seconds) or I can put a censor beep on those words. The only problem is that some people will think the censor beep will ruin the song. It's your choice, either a long, non-swearing lyric of a swearing song, a censor beep or exclusion.

4. Don't use different songs that are similar to another song (only choose either the original, the cover or the parody)
Just like rule 2, this is where you have to choose but this time it's not the Skylander for the song, it's the song for the Skylander. You have a choice, it's either the original, the cover or the parody. If you choose all of them in one video or playlist, it can confuse people. I found a original song that has a famous cover and a parody that all fit for two Skylanders, Bash and Rocky Roll, I Love Rock n Roll. There's the original (which it kinda underrated) by Arrows, the cover (which a lot of people know) by Joan Jett and there's the parody (my personal favorite) by Weird Al Yankovic. Sometimes, the original fits for one Skylander but the parody fits for another (for example the orignal, Hot in Herre by Nelly fits for any fire Skylander while the parody, Trash Day by Weird Al Yankovic fits for Stink Bomb). At other times, the parody fits for a Skylander but not the original (Fancy by Iggy Azalea doesn't fit any Skylander but Handy by Weird Al fits for Spocket) but sometimes it's vise versa (the original, Ridin by Chamillionaire fits for some Skylanders like Bash and Rocky Roll but the parody, White and Nerdy doesn't) and a few times (but not rare), neither the parody nor the original fit of any Skylanders like You Belong to Me by Taylor Swift and TMZ by Weird Al Yankovic. You can however use the original, cover and parody as long as they are on a different video and on a different playlist.

5. Don't use any song that was officially in the Skylanders game or was made for the Skylanders.
The Official Skylanders franchise does have a few songs of it's own (It's Christmas 4 Bad Guyz 2, Drill-X's song, Pull your strings, etc.) BUT I avoid using any of those songs for the Skylanders with Different Songs playlist because it's too obvious and not very surprising. This is the reason why I never use any of TheSkylanderBoy andGirl songs. That's also the primary reason why I did not use any Disney songs for Disney Infinity (but I can use the official Skylanders songs for Disney Infinity and Amiibo). But there is a chance I can use licensed songs like some of Elvis Presley even though they were used for Lilo and Stitch. Here's something you should know, there is a difference between a song that was made for that franchise (Let it Go, Heigh Ho, etc.) and a song that was just bought for a limited usage for that franchise (Elvis Presley songs in Lilo and Stitch, Hooked on a Feeling in Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.). They may be used in Disney but they are not automatically Disney songs. Disney may own Star Wars but they probably don't own Weird Al's Saga Begins and Yoda (at least a majority of it) which were made to tribute Star Wars during the 80s and 90s. So yeah, just be mindful about what song you are using when doing videos like this.

6. Don't use any instumental songs.
If there is no word implanted in that song, reject it. Some instrumental songs seem to fit for the Skylanders like He's a Pirate for Wash Buckler, Mission Impossible theme for Spy Rise, In the Hall of the Mountain King for Crusher and Flight of the Bumblebees. Originally the reason was to save those songs for my How to Draw Skylanders videos, however because of real life issues and the fact that there are nearly 200 Skylanders, Vehicles and Villains and some of them are really hard to draw again like Drobot, I decided to abandon it. But I will say, I tend to use the instrumental songs as background music for some of my videos and animations. Besides, some people keep ignoring the description causing confusion why the song was used. When I use songs with a singing lyric, it helps them understand better in case they ignore the description.

7. More Old and Underrated and less New and Overrated.
This one is more of a personal thing than it is a rule. I get that a lot of people want me to use whatever the latest hit is. Now don't give me wrong, I do embrace the new stuff but I'd like to balance my interests with the classics as well. But that's the thing, when I use a lot of songs that's so well known to public, it doesn't become very surprising. When I use something that's not so well know or is old, even older than me, it feels like it's a new experiance. Here's an example of an underrated song from an old but very popular band, Baby's in Black by the Beatles. It fits for any Skylander who wears anything black or is black (sorry to offend anyone) like Blackout or Hex. Another would be another underrated song by an old by popular artist, Mystery Train by Elvis Presley (well really it's a cover). I can see that fitting for Donkey Kong's Barrel Blaster because his vehicle has train mods. Here's another song that was really popular in the past but seems to be quite forgotten. If I were a Rich Man from the musical of Fiddler on the Roof which was the inspiration for Gwen Stefani's Rich Girl tends to be forgotten to most people because of Stefani. I'm more interested in using If I were a Rich Man for Trigger Happy or Count Moneybone than I am to use Rich Girl for the Golden Queen. I'm also not likely to use Bad Blood by Taylor Swift even if it fits for Kaos (although I am currently eyeing on its parody, Bat Blood from the How It Should Have Ended channel). Don't worry, I'm not to reject all the modern songs people request. I'll accept them if I have little options for the Skylanders. But at least wait for these songs to age for a least one year so it will be better.

8. Only the regular versions of the Skylanders can be repeated by every new game.
The regular versions of the Skylanders are the only ones that can be used again by every new game. Not just the regular versions of the Core Skylanders but also the regular versions of the Giants, Swap Force, Trap Masters, Minis, One Trap from each element, Villains (sort of), Evil Skylanders (sort of), SuperChargers, SuperCharged versions of past Skylanders (they feel like new characters), Vehicles (hopefully), the Guest Stars (hopefully) and some NPC villains. The others are considered one shots (once you have use them, you can never use them again). Examples are Alter Egos, Chase Variants, Lightcores, Wow Pow Reposes, 3Ds villains, Lost Islands Companions, Adventure Packs, Items, Battle Packs, Evolved Villains, Different Swaps, Eon's Elite, the rest of the Traps, Variant Traps, Variant Items, other NPC villains, the Vehicles with different SuperCharged Mods, Trophies, Instant Skylanders and Instant Vehicles. The only Alter Ego exceptions would be Dark Spyro, Dark Stealth Elf and Legendary Jet Vac because they managed to get reposed versions of themselves. The only Wow Pow Reposes that get to be repeated on the iOS games are Ninja Stealth Elf, Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz, Full Blast Jet Vac, Sure Shot Shroomboom and Blizzard Chill because Battlegrounds and Lost Islands see them as Alter Egos instead of Wow Pow Reposes. Keep in mind that not all Alter Egos appear in every game, even the future ones. The Lost Islands has exculsive Alter Egos and Instant Snap Shot and Food Fight are only avaialble on the iOS version of Trap Team and are not seen in SuperChargers. Even if there are a few Alter Ego Skylanders that have a ton of songs that fit for them like Cupid Flameslinger, Love Potion Pop Fizz and Charming Cobra Cadabra, they still cannot be repeated. It almost makes me wish there was a love element in the Skylanders games. Speaking of games, there are 11 Skylanders games and which ever Skylanders first appeared in Spyro's Adventure appears in all of them. It would not be wise to use an alter ego who first appeared in the same game 11 times because chances of finding more songs will be harder than ever. The only games I will not bother doing would be the 3Ds versions of the games (except SuperChargers Racing), The Collection Vault (technically it's not a game, it's an App and it has not been released in my country) and the mini games on the Skylanders Website. You only do this just in case you found another song for the Skylander but gave another song to him/her.

9. Songs will only be replaced if BRR is not happy with the result.
I did this quite a number of times. For example: During my Lightcores in Giants video, I was not pleased with Hot in Herre by Nelly for Lightcore Eruptor due to its embarrassing lyrics and by the fact that it prevents me from using its parody Trash Day by Weird Al Yankovic for Stink Bomb. I decided to replace that song with Molten Love by America. There are a lot of fire related songs that fit for any Skylander of the Fire element. Stink Bomb on the other hand is quite limited. In my Swap Force Alter Ego video, I replaced the Bare Necessities by Baloo from the Jungle Book for Legendary Zoo Lou with Wild World by Mr. Big. According to some interviews, he is a bear but he's not displayed well as a bear which caused me to replace his song. There are some songs that I am proud to use but other people bring out backslash like the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic song for Trail Blazer, but why should I think about those trolls? I'm proud to use that song for Trail Blazer. Just be glad I didn't use the G3 MLP Theme song (Don't listen to it! It's annoyingly catchy!).

10. Don't include the bystanders.
Reason? THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM! It will take me months to find them all and find a song for each of them! Now I know what you're thinking "Why don't you just use the most notable ones like Flynn, Cali, Tessa, Ermit, etc.?" Well yes, I could do that but I did find a very minor bystander who only appears in a Bonus Mission Map in Swap Force. He's a mail delivery dirt shark and I have found quite a number of songs that fit of him (the Postman Pat theme song, Please Mr Postman by either the Marvelettes, the Beatles or the Carpenters, Return to Sender by Elvis Presley and The Check's in the Mail by Weird Al Yankovic) and because he's not very notable, I'll have to include the others who are not notable. The only exceptions to this rule would be the Skylanders Lost Islands Companions because they are only 50 of them and it's not so challenging.

11. Requesters need to explain they they want me to use the songs.
Nostalgia Critc, can you tell me what these people must do when they request songs for my videos?

When people request songs, they tend to just put out the name of the song without the reason why they want me to include it. Sometimes, it's alright as the name of the song shows why it fits for that Skylander but at other times, the title is only the shell of what it really is or it has a different title that can hide something recurring in the song. For example, if I did not know We are Young by Fun, I'd probably skip it or don't have enough time to check it out and not include it for any Skylander. As I do, it fits of any Skylander of the Fire element. The same goes with Tik Tok by Ke$ha for Pop Fizz instead of Countdown. Some songs may look like they fit for the Skylander on the outsie, but on the inside, the song is very different. There are such things as a song which doesn't have the title of that song in any lyric. Like Flying by the Beatles for instance, the name of the song is not mentioned in any lyric. What's worse is that the song has no lyrics at all. Don't just look at the title of the song, listen to it, read the lyrics and then you post the request and explain why I should use it. I'll post more things about requesting songs on a different journal.

12. Have only 2 songs by the same artist in one video (Only go for three if your favorite artist did something great recently).
The idea of doing a different songs video is to use songs from various artists, not just one! If any of you have played some Guitar Hero or Rock Band games, they usually go with one or two songs by each artist. Lego Rock Band only had 2 songs from one artist (Queen), the rest were just one song per artist. It shows how much to care for other artists instead of being attached to just a few. But you can however add as many songs from the same artist as you like on various videos on the same playlist, there is no restriction to that. You can however do three if your favorite artist did something special recently. For example: In February 2014, during my Kraken Swaps video, I used 3 songs by Weird Al Yankovic because around that time, he has had a guest appearance as Cheese Sandwich in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But if you really want to do multiple songs from the same artist in one video, make a new playlist and make a video with songs only by that same artist just like I did with the Beatles and Weird Al.

13. Have only 2 songs with the same name but different artists in one playlist.
Sometimes, when you mention a song name. You think of one by a particular artist but some other people think the same name but a different artist (not covers, though). In case, mine would be the songs named Monster. Unlike most people, the first song with that name I heard from was by the Automatic and the second one was by Lady Gaga. I thought, that was enough for me. Learning anymore songs with similar names might cause confusion. But people have been begging me to use the one by Skillet which caused me a lot of frustration. In the end, I gave up and decided to use that song but only on Bubba Greebs. There are also some other two songs with the same names like Wrecking Ball (Bruce Springsteen and Miley Cyrus), Dog Eat Dog (AC/DC and Weird Al Yankovic) and Whatever You Like (T.I. and Weird Al). You can choose two if you want but if anymore, try to limit youself from that.

14. Teasers can only be up to 6 songs
That's the point of teasers. Give out very little before bringing out the big guy. If you give away too much, you'll spoil the surprise. You can however make multiple teaser videos with a few more songs but try to make sure it's less than half of the entire character roster.

15. Limit amount of songs in each video is 50
When you're making a different songs video, you got to be careful for how much you include in your description. It has a limit up to a few thousand characters. Remember, if you have a song which people don't know, you got to right in the description the name of the Skylander next to the song you used for that skylander and the name of the artist who sang that song. That can take up a lot of space. The only exception I did was the Trap Team characters in SuperChargers. If counting the minis, there are 52 new Skylanders in Trap Team. If you want some additional wording to the description, you can but try and keep it minimal. BUT if your video has nothing but songs from the same artist, you can get away with probably 60 songs because you don't need to include the names of the artists in the description. Still, try not to exceed the limit because the limit might change over time.

16. Limit length of each song usage is 12-25 seconds.
Besides the limit on the description, the other thing to worry about is the copyright scanners on Youtube. If the song usage is 30 seconds or full length, there is a chance it could be either blocked worldwide or just in Germany. If the song usage is 12-25 seconds, the scanners will most likely not be able to scan it. It can however still be copyright claimed but it happens very rarely. It happened to me only twice. One with Be Prepared on my Scrapped Skylanders video (I later adjusted it to a different position) and another with Jay-Z's Dirt off your Shoulder (the first time in 5 years that I got a copyright strike). It does not happen often but it can happen anytime. Just be careful with what you use.

17. I pick requested songs randomly.

It does not matter when did you post a request or how many times to post it. When I choose a video, it's usually done by my own personal decisions. It may be picked up or maybe it will not. You'll have to guess or wait and see.

18. The song is important, not the artist.
I don't care if the song is covered by a famous singer or it sounds awful if sung by that person. It's the song that counts. I don't care if that song is sung by Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black or Yoko Ono, it's the song that is the most important thing for the Skylander. Whoever that song is sung by, I don't care but you should include the name of the artist in the description anyway.

19. No OC/Fan characters.
That's kinda cheating if you ask me. You make up a Skylander JUST to use that song? That's just pointless. I mean, what if you do use that song for your fan made Skylander before an new official Skylander with a similar trait to that song appears? However, I will say you can make a new playlist and enlist the songs for the fan made Skylanders and they can later be used for any officials. There might be a day when I decide to make a Skylanders Univeristy with Different songs video shortly after I finish Skylanders University.

20.Cannot be from Weird Al Yankovic's Polkas (but you can use their original counterparts)
While you can use Weird Al's parodies of other people's songs, you cannot use the polka versions of verses from other people's songs. Reason? Some of them are either too short or going by the fact that each polka fits for various Skylanders. There's no one recurring topic in the lyrics. The original versions of whatever was included in Weird Al's polkas however can be used because they are long enough to be used and at least they sound more unique than the polka versions. The polka versions are better of done as full length music videos.

21. If the song itself is less than 15 seconds, it will be rejected.
When you are doing still images with different songs, you should keep each image the same length as each other. 15 seconds is probably the best time limit you have for you songs. However, if the song is 10 seconds, there's going to be 5 seconds of soundless filler. Examples of really short songs include the Hop Skip and Jump song by Pinkie Pie, most of Squidly's songs from Dunces and Dragons and most commercial songs (take that, Tripledent Gum commercial!). BUT if that song is next to some other noise, use some of that. That's what I did with the Water is Wet song from the Weird Al Show.

22. Even with guest stars from another franchise, you can still use songs from that franchise for the Skylanders but not for the guests.
Here's a funny backstory, the way I was introduced to Donkey Kong was through the TV series of Donkey Kong Country. I remember a lot of it like the characters and even the theme song. I also remember that it had at least two songs in each episode. I've been using those songs in my Skylanders videos since 2014. Even though Turbo Charge Donkey Kong appears in this game, it would not be wise to replace the songs just because of one character from that franchise. You can still use Pirate Scorn or Booty Boogie for Wash Buckler but the Donkey Kong Theme Song should be used for Grilla Drilla instead. Find something else for Donkey Kong instead like Gorilla by Bruno Mars. Same goes with Bowser even though there were songs from The Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

23. Ignore demands, go for requests
There are such things as people who will not stop bugging you until that song they keep hammering in the comments. There are ways to prevent this from happening again, use it immediately or you can block those people and only include them if you want to.

24. If you found a song but couldn't slip it in for one Skylander, either go for another Skylander or wait for another game with the same guy.
Remember rule 2 and 8 and try and be patient even if it's a song you so desparately want to use. There are a lot more interests that might distract you while you wait for the next game.

25. It's got to be in English (At least the title lyric has to be)
Sure, some of you might not come from an English country. I am in fact living in a country where a lot of people speak a different language (although it was once colonized by England). But here's a thing. English is the most spoken language in the world, it's everywhere from the Arctic to Antarctica (I don't know why Spanish and Mandarin were higher than English on the charts cause not a lot of people know Spanish in Malaysia and not a lot of people in America know Mandarin). To have a song that has a different language will cause confusion for how it relates to the Skylanders. Which means I cannot include songs by the Gypsy Kings or O-Zone or Las Ketchup (except the Ketchup song). The only exceptions would be Psy, some of AmiYumi and f(x) because they do have a few English words despite the fact that they are a different language.

26. It has to have music (unless it's a barbershop)
No real reason. It just doesn't feel right. Even if I wanted to give the Doom Song by GIR from Invader Zim to either Kaos or Doom Stone, it just doesn't feel right. But I will say, if it's barbershop like That's What Friends are For by the Vultures from the Jungle Book, it feels alright. If anyone can remix the Doom song, then it's a real possibility for me to include.

27. Use official videos and pictures of the Skylanders. Don't use fan arts
The best way to present a Skylanders with Different songs video is to use Cutscenes, Gameplay, Official Art, Screenshots and preview trailers of the Skylanders just to prove they are real. If you use fan art, not a lot of people will believe in it. Also, double check on the variants before using them because some people like to make custom variants out of them and it can fool variant collectors.

28. If clip is too short or long, slow it down or speed it up to 15-20 seconds
If the clip is too short, slow it down to a length were it's enjoyable or if it's too long, speed it up so it won't likely be caught by the copyright scanners. The only ones you should keep at normal speed (despite only 12 seconds) would be the Soul Gem previews. They seem alright at that length.

29. If a user questions why their requested song has not shown up or why Skylanders with different songs was made, try to explain or just ignore the question.
People always like to ask questions about this hobby I have. Sometimes they want you to stop but you can just ignore them. They are just trolls. But, if they are more specific, I'll try to explain.

And now for the most important rule of them all.

This is the rule you should never break. In fact, it's impossible to break. Making these videos is too much fun.

And those are my rules I try to follow while making my Skylanders with Different Songs videos. Like I said, they are not restricted, they can be broken whenever I want to break them. They are more like a guide then a rule book. You can follow them if you want to but you don't have to when making your own Skylanders with different songs video.

Any questions?


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Blackrhinoranger Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well, Activision has been holding on to one of Hasbro's properties, Transformers. I don't see why this is not possibility.
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I'm not certain if it's true or not, but here's the journal from spyro-skylanders -…
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I don't know. This could end up having the Transformers effect (G1).
mpuppy4 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Any way, we must be wary.
Badboylol Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
I love Chef Pepper Jack.
Eman14609 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015  Student Artist
Saw your skylanders animation. Rated it 7/10. Not bad.
CollinsArts Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I made a Halloween Drawing of a Laugh Off Contest of Ickis, Slappy, and KAOS!…
mrheavyman2 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
... do i know you from somewhere?
lpffpf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey. You're the last bronie I have to talk to because my brother stopped watching the show. What's your favorite Pony and Skylander? Just wondering.
Blackrhinoranger Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Derpy Hooves
lpffpf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She my favorite too!! I have her as a toy
TheReturnerofMe Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  New Deviant
I dislike bronies! No offense, it is just that THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Being a brony (brony-ism?) is like a virus with NO ANTIDOTE WHATSOEVER!!!! They are pony-fying our favorite character, and taking good stuff like Skylanders and making it all about bronies. Besides, the show isn't that good. The animation is just hideous to my eyes (even SpongeBob's Face Freeze couldn't handle this). The characters eat my favorite desserts GROSSLY! Plus, the songs are ANNOYING! offense! I'm new here and this is something I need to get off my chest!
Blackrhinoranger Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
No offense taken. I get hate comments from anti bronies all the time.
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