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What alternate name should I go for with my fan-made Skylanders game "Elemental Switchers" (…

5 deviants said Power Swappers
5 deviants said Elementalists
4 deviants said I think "Elemental Switchers" is fine
3 deviants said Multimasters
2 deviants said Extramentals
2 deviants said Soul Switchers
2 deviants said Other names (let me know in the comments)
1 deviant said Power Pack
1 deviant said Multipowers
No deviants said Element Attackers
Well there are 5 Skylander movie parodies I have done and still doing. I've done Skylanders Christmas (Arthur Christmas), Clash of the Skylanders (Clash of the Titans) and The Skyrates (The Pirates Band of Misfits) and the ones I'm still doing are Krack-it Kaos (Wreck-it Ralph) and Skylanders University (Monsters University) and I'm thinking of planning to do one more as a finale for my Skylanders fan animation career before I move on to my original stuff like Rhino & Dile, 5000 and Dino Dearter. If I'm no longer interested in doing a movie parody, I'll instead make the finale either about breaking the fourth wall, being in a film studio trying to make the grand finale for a film or interviews with the characters in my fan animation. You might also wanna look at my Top 11 Skylanders movie parodies I'll never do just in case you decide to request the idea for the finale. Here are some of my ideas for the last Skylanders Movie Parody but only one might be chosen if not will.

21. Skylandcars (Cars)
Okay, I'll admit I'm not really into Pixar's Cars that much. Besides, I've seen plenty of other shows with anthropomophic vehicles like Thomas the Tank Engine, Jim Henson's Construction Site, Firehouse Tales, Bob the Builder, Susie the little Blue Coupe, Little Toot and a bit of Salty's Lighthouse. But even so, I thought about anthropomophising the SuperCharger vehicles like the Hot Streak and the Dive Bomber. Now it's not really much of a story but it's more like a "what if" for the vehicles to have human characteristics. I'll even try and give each vehicle a fitting personality.

20. The Skylendables (The Expendables)
I will admit, I've only seen a part of the Expendables 3 but remember watching the trailers for the Expendables and it really makes me want to get the entire trilogy on DVD. This is where I'll take quite a number of risks and make aimed more for adults but still suitible for kids to see kinda like Animaniacs. The Skylanders will be heavily armed and ready to fire (even if some already have powers) but there will be some comedic scenes so it doesn't go totally dark.

19. Meet the Skylanders (Meet the Robinsons)
One of my favorite plot times is the time traveling plot. It's always fun to go back in time to the time of the dinosaurs, world war 2, the revolution, etc. or even go forward in time for either a totally teched out futuristic city or a desolated city completely empty or filled with despair and sadness. I also remember that Spyro was kinda an orphan in both Classic and Legend of Spyro and I thought he might be the right choice for this movie. What about the bad guy of the movie, who should be that guy? Cynder? Kaos? Ripto? You decide. I did think about doing a time traveling short about one tiny little change in the past can change the future. It might come sooner or later but let me finish Skylanders University and Krack-it Kaos and then i'll decide about continuing my animations with a few shorts before the finale.

18. Skylandosaur (Disney's Dinosaur)
Originally, I was thinking about casting the Skylanders as prehistoric animals in a documentary-like film which is similar to BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs, Beasts and Monsters. I was then thinking about doing a parody of a talking dinosaur film. My favorite examples would be Land Before Time and Disney's Dinosaur. Kinda mention it, the beginning of Legend of Spyro was sort of like Dinosaur (a baby from an egg was found by a family of small creatures and was raised like a son with a little BFF). But if I went for Land Before Time, I'd have to make up some new characters for family members and that can take a while. I chose Dinosaur because there are only two families (Aladar's and Neera's) and the herd tends to vary. But I don't know if I should cast Kaos and Glumshanks as the two Carnotaurs or even just make up a new character to play as those two villains.

17. Skyce Age (Ice Age)
You know what I love more than Dinosaurs? Prehistoric animals after the dinosaurs. I just love researching prehistory. Did you know that Classic Spyro did have a mammoth and Skylanders does make use of prehistory after the dinosaurs (Trap Shadow looking like a saber tooth, Slobber Tooth having a name based on saber tooth, etc.) However, I might have some casting problems, Spyro could have Manny's role while Trigger Happy could have Sid's role but if Gill Grunt had Diego's role, I might need to make up some new gillmen to fill the other saber tooth roles. Now like I said, I'm not really great with drawing human characters so one idea for a species replacement would be the ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Princess Flurry Heart might have the fitting role of being Roshan, the cave baby which would be fitting for Shining Armor to be the father caveman searching for the baby (speaking of Ice Age and My Little Pony, I did do this a couple of years ago: [link] ). Of course for the sequels have a lot more fitting choices of casting but if I do an Ice Age parody, let me focus on the first one first.

16. How the Mini Skylanders Spent Their Vacation (Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation)
I thought about making the Mini Skylanders stars of their own animation but to do that, I needed to find a film that had a majority of characters who are kids. One of them would be Peanuts (as in the original 60s films or the 2015 one) and another would be the Tiny Toons Vacation Movie. If I casted the Mini Skylanders as the Tiny Toons then the regular Skylanders will definately be casted as the regular Looney Tune characters who serve in the series as the mentors. Spry can be Buster Bunny, Breeze or a made up mini Cynder can be Babs Bunny (no relation), Trigger Snappy can be Plucky Duck and Gill Grunt can be Hampton J Pig and I have so many ideas for the Minis with their ideas of vacation. This would be a wonderful way of putting the Mini Skylanders on the Spotlight. BTW, did you know that Joe Alaskey, the voice of Plucky Duck in Tiny Toons past away not too long ago. On the bright side he gets to see Don Messick, the voice of Hampton again.

15. Sky Trek (Star Trek)
I'll be honest. I have not been watching a lot of Star Trek but I will say, my mother has watched it when she was a kid. The only movie I have fully seen is the 2009 movie which had both Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto as Spock but I think I should definately try and research more about Star Trek before I decide to do a parody of it. Well I know Spyro would definately be Captain Kirk and Gill Grunt could be Spock. But I will say, I do like to try something like this but I do need more research. BTW did you know that George Takei from Star Trek guest starred in Skylanders Giants as the Arkeyan Conquertron?

14. Skylooney Tunes (The Looney Tunes Compilation Films)
If you read my Roger Rabbit part of my Top 11 parodies I won't do, it's also the reason why I do not plan to make a parody of Space Jam and Back in Action of the Looney Tunes. But there is one technique I could try, the Compilation Films. Looney Tunes has done this a lot of times. Examples are the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie and Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (the last Looney tune film to have Mel Blanc voicing the characters). They usually bring up some past shorts and compile them into a feature length film with some new animation as a bridging point. I thought about giving this one a try casting many of the Skylanders as many of the Looney Tunes characters. It's easy to cast Spyro as Bugs Bunny and Kaos as Elmer Fudd but I don't know if Trigger Happy should be either Yosemite Sam or Daffy Duck.

13. The Simplanders (The Simpsons Movie)
If I wanted to do a parody of a movie based on adult animation, it would not be South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. Instead, it would be the Simpsons Movie. Although family isn't a strong point in Skylanders, I thought of giving one of the Skylanders a family to play as the Simpsons. But I don't feel comfortable casting Spyro as the idiot dad. Maybe Trigger Happy would do better. Spyro and Gill Grunt could also be Carl and Lenny, Eruptor can be Barney, Kaos and Glumshanks can be Mr. Burns and Smithers and Trigger Snappy can be Bart. Even if the Simpsons is for adult, it doesn't go too far to being adult unlike Family Guy and South Park. It can still be suitible for youngers to watch.

12. Spyrek (Shrek)
I was kinda debating whether or not I should do a parody of a Dreamworks movie. Because they tend to have something that does fit for a Skylander but at the same time, it has something that doesn't. Maybe they just aren't varied enough. I didn't feel like doing Kung Fu Panda because I don't think any Skylander would be incompetent enough to fit as Po the Panda, I didn't feel like doing How to Train your Dragon because I already did do a parody of it long before Skylanders was released called How to Train your Dinosaur. Over the Hedge does not have enough characters and Shark Tale was hard to follow. The only options I do have would be Antz, Road to El Dorado, Chicken Run, Sinbad, Madagascar, The Were Rabbit, Flushed Away, Bee Movie, Monsters Vs Aliens, Rise of the Guardians, The Croods, Turbo, Mr Peabody and Sherman, Home and the most popular Shrek. Some people can be scared of dragons like they are scared or ogres. Spyro might do well with being Shrek while Cynder could also be Fiona. I also thought about casting all the human characters as dinosaurs like Ripto can be Farquaad but there will be some exceptions. There are also some other fitting villain choices like the Golden Queen can be the Fairy Godmother and Kaos can be Rumpelstiltskin. The Villains in the Poison Apple can be played by the Trappable Villains from Trap Team. Trigger Happy can be Donkey and Gill Grunt or Rattle Shake can be Puss in Boots. But I will require more thoughts for this one just to make sure I don't bring up the "love solves everything" cliche too much.

11. Chronicles of Skylands (Chronicles of Narnia)
Now I will say I have been watching a lot of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and it's safe to say that I even have the original book series, even the ones that haven't been adapted to films like the Horse and his Boy. The minis could have a great opportunity to be casted as the children who discovered Narnia, Spyro could be Aslan, The Golden Queen could be the White Witch and Fryno can also be the rhinoceros who bravely charges at a lot of bad guys (in case you have no idea what I am talking about, go here: [link]). I will say, I do need to rewatch Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader a few more times if I want to do them or I could just read the books a couple of times. I wonder why it's taking so long to make an adaption of the Silver Chair.

10. Spyros Forever (Turtles Forever)
Some Skylanders haters might say that Spyro got run over by a steam roller or had facial surgery gone wrong. They are wrong, Classic Spyro, Legend of Spyro and Skylanders are completely different universes. Skylanders just happens to have its own Spyro. There IS no continuity between the franchises. They are spins off to one another. But what happens when all three Spyro's meet each other for the first time. Well, I'm more interested in just doing Classic Spyro meeting Skylanders Spyro rather than having Legend of Spyro being involved at all. Imagine Sgt Bird, Shelia, Bentley, Agent 9 and Blink meeting Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Stealth Elf, Slam Bam and the other Skylanders. I'd also like to see Kaos interacting with Ripto. However, because I am hooked on to Skylanders more than Classic Spyro and Legend of Spyro, I might require some other people to write for the Legend of Spyro and Classic Spyro universe parts of the movie. It'd be a fun experience!

9. Skylanders vs Disney Infinity (Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe)
Let me remind you that the writers of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure also wrote for the first Toy Story film. But still I do not plan to do a Skylander movie based on Toy Story. Instead, let's have the Toy Story characters who appear in Disney Infinity (or pretty much every playable character in Disney Infinity) meet the Skylanders. There had been many crossovers between different franchises but the one that was more story intriguing would be Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. It's about two universes being merged with each other and rage being spread. But I don't know if I should have just a small portion of characters from each franchise or just as many as I can (both franchises have over a hundred) for a beautiful brawl. Some people might say that Spyro and Mickey are great choices for rivals. I kinda disagree. I think Spyro is better off facing Spider Man (did you know Josh Keaton voices both Skylanders Spyro and the Spectacular Spider-Man) while Pop Fizz faces Mickey. Other rival choices would be Drobot vs Iron Man, Snap Shot and Food Fight vs James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, Hex vs Maleficent and even Zoo Lou vs Baloo (he's confirmed:… ). This will definately be a fun ride but it might also do with some struggles for close to perfection. Let me know if you are willing to help write for some parts of the show.

8. Skylortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat)
Did you know that before Skylanders was made, there was another game in development known as Spyro's Kingdom. Unlike any of the other Spyro franchises, it was gonna have some blood. The makers then felt uncomforatable with the idea and decided to make Skylanders just as lightened up as the Classic Spyro. What happens if it did have some blood. This idea might show it. Well, I did include a lot of Mortal Kombat related stuff in my artworks and animations, I don't see why I can't make a Skylanders parody of Mortal Kombat (aside of keeping certain families away from my videos). But don't worry, the blood will be minimal but visible and the gore will be cartoony kinda like Fall Apart from Bonkers. Do I have to see who would be a fitting choice of cast? You can see the fitting cast in this picture: Skylander kombat V2 by Blackrhinoranger

Although I should remind myself to cast the SuperChargers as the MKX characters. Some might ask, should I do Injustice instead. I kinda want to give that to Disney Infinity.

7. Skylanders Ultimate Alliance (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2)
I was thinking about doing Skylander parody of some of the Marvel Movies especially the cinematic universe but I thought it's just not enough characters or i need to wait for a few more years for more characters. The X-Men might have a bigger advantage for Marvel casting but a know a lot of my fans are more into the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy than X-Men. I then thought about doing a parody of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (developed by Vicarious Visions, the same developers of Skylanders Swap Force and SuperChargers). It's based on the Civil War comic that I also own and I wanted to see what happens when some Skylanders turn on each other. I did do a picture relating to that in the past: Skylanders Ultimate Alliance by Blackrhinoranger but I think it might require an update. Who wants to register their secret identity and who wants to rebel against the act? Will the Skylanders destroy each other over a silly piece of paper.

6. Spyro Potter/Fizzy Popper/Happy Trigger (Harry Potter)
Think about it as a sort of a dedication to the late Alan Rickman. I will say I'm not too hooked onto Harry Potter. I don't know. Maybe I'm just not a sucker for franchises where it does nothing but magic in a modern day era. Well, I will say I do have problems casting some characters. I don't know if I should make Hogwarts the school of dragons or a school of non-dragons. If Dragons, Spyro would be Harry Potter, Blackout would be Ron Weasley, Spotlight would be Hermionie, Cynder would be Ginny and Malefor would be Lord Voldemort. BUT, if I were to exclude any dragon for the benefit of a variety of casting, I would instead cast Pop Fizz or Trigger Happy as Harry Potter while Kaos becomes Voldemort. Another problem with the casting is the Hogwarts houses. There are 10 elements in Skylanders and only 4 houses in Harry Potter. Excluding one of the eight main elements might cause anger among fans. Also, if I add two elements in each house for the sake of matching themes and color schemes, it would also be controversial. People will be angry about me having the Magic in Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor but I wouldn't be pleased for having the Tech element being in Hufflepuff either. I'll have to do some research, maneuvers and other tweaks before I can make a perfect Skylander parody of Harry Potter.

5. Skylord or the Rings (Lord of the Rings)/The Dragbit (The Hobbit)
To be honest, I'm more familiar with the Hobbit then I am with Lord of the Rings. There are two options I can do, I could do Lord of the Rings and have the Mini Skylanders as the Hobbits, Spyro as Aragon, Gill Grunt as Legolas, Trigger Happy as Gimli, Master Eon as Gandalf and Kaos as Saruman. Or I could do the Hobbit and have Spyro as Bilbo, the SuperChargers as the Dwarves, Master Eon as Gandalf and Kaos as the leader of the Orcs. But before I can proceed, I'll require spending days and weeks viewing every single LOTR and Hobbit movie and see which one I'm willing to go for.

4. Skyrassic Park (Jurassic Park)
Remember when Master Eon said something about "Explodosaurs" (if not, go here ). There are two ways I could represent the Explodosaurs as part of Skyrassic Park. 1. I can make up the explodosaurs by having them resemble the dinosaurs from Lego Jurassic World (well I do need to do something about these guys: [link]) and have the Skylanders as the staff of Jurassic Park. Or 2. I can have the ancestors of the Skylanders as the Explodosaurs and have the ponies as the humans. Although this does raise the question whether or not I should include Dino-Rang, Slobber Tooth and Chopper in the movie. I also don't know if I should do the Jurassic Park trilogy or Jurassic World.

3. Spyro Hood (Robin Hood)
Out of all the underrated Disney movies, Robin Hood is my most favorite. This is one of these movies I desparately wish to parody after I finish Skylanders University and Krack-it Kaos. But a lot of my fans will be asking me to go for more popular options so it's still pending. One problem is the casting. If I choose Spyro as Robin Hood, then it's easy to cast Cynder as Maid Marian but it will lead to a debate on casting either Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy or Sparx as Little John. Kaos is definately Prince John in some ways and Glumshanks is no stranger to being casted as Hiss. But another debate is whether I should have the Chompy Mage, Arkeyan Conquertron or Wolfgang being the Sheriff of Nottingham (Chompy Mage because he's a recurring villain, the Conquertron because he's loyal to Kaos or Wolfgang because he's a wolf). If Wolfgang was chosen, then the Chompy Mage can be Nutsy the Vulture instead and have Dr Krankcase as Trigger. The Gulper can also be the Crocodile, Sonic Boom can be Lady Cluck and the Spyro's Adventure Mini's can be the rabbit and turtle kids. There is so much I want to do with this movie and I wish to do something like this. But I'm sure some of you would want me to do a parody of something else instead.

2. Skyformers (Transformers)
There is something I've been wanting to try if I do a Skylander parody of the Transformers in order to do a much better job with transforming. The problem is which franchise I should base my story line on. Should it be on the first 3 episodes of G1 Transformers? Should it be on the War For/Fall of Cybertron games? Should it be based on Michael Bay's films? Another problem is should I cast the SuperChargers as the Transformers and the ponies as the humans or the Vehicles as the Transformers as the Skylanders as the humans. I love to try and go for this one. If I do go for Michael Bay's films. I'll try and add a bit more story and depth rather than just random explosions.

1. Sky Wars (Star Wars)
Out of all the polls I put up asking which movie parody I should do, Star Wars gets the top voted. In my opinion, this one is definately worthy of being the grand finale for my animations. There is so much I want to do for Star Wars with Skylanders. However, should I go for the original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy or the Force Awakens? Should I cast Spyro as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? If he were to be Darth Vader, then Malefor could be the Emperor, Spry would be Luke and Ignitus would be Obi-Wan. But if Spyro were to be Luke, Kaos would the Emperor, Glumshanks would be Darth Vader (the father/son relationship will have to be removed), Master Eon or Ignitus would be Obi Wan, Trigger Happy would be Lando, Gill Grunt would be Han Solo, Eruptor could be Chewbacca, Drobot and Drill Sergeant would be C-3P0 and R2-D2 and the list just keeps piling up to extremes! When I eventually decide to finish my Skylanders animation career, Star Wars is most likely the one to make that finale......or I do something else for the finale instead.

And those were my Top 21 ideas for the last Skylanders movie parody. They will probably get updated some time in the future. In the meantime, which one do you like the most. If none of them as used for the finale, I'll do something original for that instead.


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